Coco the Highland Cow Matching Set

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Our hanging bullet diffusers are available in a range of beautiful designs and are able to be refilled multiple times to ensure maximum usage. Perfect for your car, home or office.

Listing is for 1 Diffuser

Designed and handmade in Sydney, Australia by Scrunchie Luxe

Diffuser warning: 

Please follow all care instructions to ensure longevity of your new diffuser. The plastic stopper MUST remain in the diffuser when new refreshing the scent. We recommend hanging the diffuser from an indicator so that the drivers view is not hindered. In extended periods of heat, remove diffuser from car. Keep diffuser upright to ensure no leakages or spillage occurs.


*Purchasing this product entails accepting that Scrunchie Luxe cannot be held responsible for misuse or accidental leakage after the packaging has been opened.*